• 2019/ 1% water

    site specific installation at BR Roumi (public fountain today inactive) // shown at International media festival biennial Houmt Souk, Djerba // The project is addressed to raise awareness about sustainability, water and plastic pollution. “ Until the 70s there was no trace of plastic in the island”, the massive consume of plastic during the following 50 years is destroying permanently all the ecosystems of the territory. The idea that water factories sell water, is basically wrong, they sell plastic bottle instead. Human bodies are mainly made by water but the approach public get to water issues have become especially in the last 40, more and more related to an iconic image of a good to be advertised and consumed as similar goods on the neoliberal market. The fountain was reactivated by led lights, recalling on one hand an idea of water which is artificial, but on the other hand also recall an essential quality of water, the ability to quieten the spirits. the site specific work recalls the setting of a contemporary revisited zen garden.