• 2018/ De Tranquillitate Animi

    Project: installation / perfomance / visuals 2018 - Auditorium, University of Bremen, for the opening ceremony Hochuschultage 2018 with live visuals 2018 - Galerie am Foyer, Arbeitsnehmerkammer, Bremen (solo exhibition ) with live performance for exhibition opening ( Antonio Stella and Joaquin Alem ) 2018 - Theatre Stabile, Isola del Liri (Italy) with a publication  

    The installation consists of thirteen double-layered organza canvases in photo-series that depict the body in motion. It is a composition of single images (each 70x100cm) that creates a movement. The total length is 9m. There is a single copy of each canvas, although serial prints were usually used to produce images in series. The work is based on Seneca's book "De tranquillitate animi". The book was written by Lucius Annaeus Seneca in the 62 AD and has the form of a brief conversation between Seneca and his friend Serenus Annaeus. Serenus writes in a letter to Seneca that he suffers from a state of mind which he describes as a disease or character weakness and expects a name and a cure for this condition. The guiding principle of the work is that the balance should not be associated with a static standstill. In the search for a healthy balance and in the context of historical moments of great migrations and socially important changes, the work aim to address the tiny line between internal and external pressure, and the different state of resistance in maintaining or rejecting a "good balance".