2018/ I will never forget / digital video 19’45”

“What are memories made of?” The film, realised during  an art residency at Art Co-Op center in Guangzhou, collects personal memories all around China (Wuxi, Suzhou, Dali, Lijiang, Shangri-la, Guangzhou). Following the freudian idea of ...

2018/ Hochschultage HFK, Bremen

installation and visuals for the opening ceremony of the Hochuschultage 2018  

2018/ Exhibition at Teatro Stabile Isola del Liri, Italia

Luisa Eugeni was guest at Teatro Stabile di Isola del Liri, with the Installation: “Serenità, stasi, movimento e caos”, from the 23 December 2017 until the 6th of January 2018. thirteen double organza fabrics, printed ...

2017/ stai dove stai bene/Film expansion/ performance

22-24 sept. 2017/ third edition Bremen Filmfest/ at Schauburg a performative extension of  Stai dove stai bene, 2017 in collaboration with Theater Bremen film/performance/dance 35min ca. directed by Luisa Eugeni with: > Janis Müller > ...

2017/ Stai dove stai bene/ digital video 15’15”

Film based on the real story of Gabrio Gabrielli, born in Milano, Italy, currently living in Germany and working at Bremen Theater as a dancer. His past reemerges through the death of his father, in ...

2017/ 17# How can we build a structure to be alive inside/ Performance

group performance at Schwankalle theatre Bremen Emily Roysdon + HfK students link to video documentation

2017/ stray greek cats/ digital video 9’12”

digital video, 9 min./ Greece “everywhere I went were cats all around me. some of them were more privileged than others, but who? these domestic cats or the stray cats? that was not clear to ...

2017/ machiavelli rules the world/ installation

Machiavelli is an Italian card game derived from Rummy and is usually played by 2 up to 5 players, but can be played by even a higher number. Because of its characteristics, is not generally ...

2016/ Cher / digital video 18’36”

Cher is a documentary film shot in Italy on July 2015 at the Adriatic coast. Many people are working there as beach traders, mostly from Senegal, Mali and India. The idea came from the accidental ...

2016/ Polis / digital video 7’11”

Polis is based on the Italo Calvino´s book, The Invisible cities. According to some interpretations of the book, the many different cities described in it, actually refers to the several different aspects of one single ...

2015/ Inhabitants – part 2/Berlin

series of digital photos

2015/ Itinere / performance / live visuals

live performance 20:00 min ca Performative sequence realised in collaboration with the compositor Riccardo Castagnola and the Actress and dancer Anna jäger. The work have been inspired and is aimed to retrace the stages of ...

2014/ shreds of urban memories/ digital video 2’59”

digital video made out of analog fotos, realized through the collaboration with the sound designer and composer Riccardo Castagnola The images of the video are based on Rome, a city that involved in its huge ...

2014/ trasversale / analog photography

crossing borders/ section of analog photos, Germany, Poland, Czech republic

14/ 48201, Detroit, MI / analog film 2’54”

8mm analog film, digitalised music: Peter Nikoltsos link to the video

14/ OASE

digital video made out of analog fotos 4min realised in Toronto, Canada video installation

13/ Ruit hora

Installation wood, metal board 1x2x1m seventeen century Italian villa´s door on a metal board. The installation recalls the form of a sundial. it can be turn 360°.